Welcome to The Lazy Heart Grill, an upscale dining experience and western atmosphere in the historic small town of Saint Jo, Texas.

Hours of Service

Monday                                  CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ! ! ! 


Tuesday through Sunday        11:00 to 2:30    NOPE ! ! !  WE ARE CLOSED!


Due to staffing issues we have had to stop doing the evening meals on Friday and Saturday. 

Also, we have had some complaints that we have been closed when we are normally open. So we are compelled to address that issue for anyone concerned. We are so short staffed that if even one of our staff has to be out for any reason, sick, sick child, car won't start, or any other reason, we simply can not function to a capacity necessary to meet our customers needs leaving us no other option but to close for the day, or days, depending on the issue. We do apologize for any inconveniences and are ALWAYS looking for help. I do try to post on our facebook page whenever this happens so I would suggest to check there as I typically do not have time to come here and change this web page. 


Thank you  for visiting our website and we hope you can visit our unique little restaurant soon.