Welcome to the Dessert page featuring the fancy, home-made desserts of The Lazy Heart Grill.


To the left you will see a setting of some of our most requested. Scroll down for more.

We serve our home-made Banana Puddings in its own little jar.

I am sorry that I do not have a picture of the German Chocolate Cake. It just doesn't stay around long enough to take a picture of. But here is what one of our customers had to say.


Dear Debby 


I never take the time to send comments like this, but I felt compelled after having a piece (well, maybe several pieces .... ) of your German Chocolate Cake. All I can say is "WOW"> It's the BEST German Chocolate Cake EVER in my humble opinion. To think I live in Dallas - with all the great restaurants - and that I am looking for an excuse to come back and eat at the Lazy Heart Grill! ! ! The fish tacos......... the burgers.........that coconut creme pie........OK I need to get over this obsession. 


Can't wait to come back to Saint Jo and YOU. 



Jennifer W.