Welcome to the Dessert page featuring the fancy, home-made desserts of The Lazy Heart Grill.


To the left you will see a setting of some of our most requested. Scroll down for more.

This is a Lazy Heart original, "invented" in our own kitchen by "Precious".

It is the Strawberry White Chocolate Pie.

It can only be described as AWESOME ! ! !

Here we have the "Knock-your-socks-off Coconut Creme on top and the Apple on bottom.


This coconut creme is probably our best selling pie barely ousting the Strawberry White Chocolate shown above.


One of our regular customers will look you straight in the eye, point at this pie, and tell you "That is a BOMB ! ! ! " 



This is our Buttermilk Pecan pie. Many of our customers like this better than a traditional Pecan pie.

Our Key Lime pie is "Big Billy" the local cops favorite.

We have to make a personal phone call to Big Billy when these come out.

We serve our home-made Banana Puddings in its own little jar.

I am sorry that I do not have a picture of the German Chocolate Cake. It just doesn't stay around long enough to take a picture of. But here is what one of our customers had to say.


Dear Debby (Debby is aka "The Debby" and "Precious")


I never take the time to send comments like this, but I felt compelled after having a piece (well, maybe several pieces .... ) of your German Chocolate Cake. All I can say is "WOW"> It's the BEST German Chocolate Cake EVER in my humble opinion. To think I live in Dallas - with all the great restaurants - and that I am looking for an excuse to come back and eat at the Lazy Heart Grill! ! ! The fish tacos......... the burgers.........that coconut creme pie........OK I need to get over this obsession. 


Can't wait to come back to Saint Jo and YOU. 



Jennifer W.

This is the "Big Pink" Strawberry Supreme Triple Decker cake.


Carrot Cake with the carrot on top. Well, on the side in this photo.